Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


He was born in Salzburg (Austria).


His parents:

Anne Marie Pielt

Leopold Mozart


In some of his travels he met Johann Sebastian Bach and Joseph Haydn

Mozart was married with Constance Webe


He worked for several royal families in his travels all around Europe: Venice, Paris, Berlin, etc

In 1786 he returned to the opera.

He stands as an archetypal example of the Classical style.

Mozart's most famous pupil was Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

Mozart died at 1 a.m. on 5 December 1791 at the age of 35.

Power Point:


1- Where Mozart was born?
a) Venice
b) Rome

c) Salzburg ( Austria)
d) Salzburg ( Germany)

2- He played the harpsichord at the age of…?

a) Seven
b) Six
c) Five
d) Four

3- He played for what king, who?

a) Louis XIV
b) Louis XV
c) Charles I
d) Philip II

4- Which of this ones is not a Mozart’s composition?

a)The magic flute
b) The Turkish march
c) Tocatta i Sonatta
d) God is our refuge

5- Mozart died of:

a) Rheumatic fever
b) Heart attack
c) Leukaemia
d) Cancer

6- How many compositions did he write?
a) 200
b) 1000
d) 500

7- What person of Bach family did he meet?
a) Johann Sebastian
b) Johann Christian
c) Johann Chirstopher
d) Christian Ronaldo

8- He died at the age of...?

a) 45
b) 35
c) 30
d) 25

9- His best years were in what city?
a) Rome
b) Salzburg
c) Vienna
d) Paris

10- Who two compossers were an example of Classical style?
a) Mozart and Gluck
b) Mozart and Scarlatti
c) Mozart and J.C Bach
d) Mozart and Haydin