external image bach-jc.jpgJohann Christian Bach
by Miguel Ángel Maeztu, David Barrientos and Víctor Luri.

Johann Ch. Bach borned the 5 september of 1735. He was a composer of the classical period and the eleventh son of the famous composer of the baroque peri​od Johann Sebastian Bach and of Anna Magdalena Bach. He was born in Leipzig, Germany.
After his father death, he worked with his brother Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach when he was fifteen years.

Here is a picture of the work of Johann Ch. Bach called ''La Clemenza di Scipioni''
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He enjoyed a promising career, first as a composer and then as a performer player. He wrote cantatas, chamber music, keyboard and orchestral works, operas and symphonies.
Bach lived in Italy for many years starting in 1756, studying with Padre Martini. He became organist at the Milan cathedral in 1760 and then in 1762, Bach travelled to London to première three operas at the King's Theatre. He became music master to Queen Charlotte.
He met soprano Cecilia Grassi in 1766 and married her few years later. They had no children.
Johann Christian Bach died in London on New Year's Day, 1782.

He composed many works like sonatas, symphonies or keybord works. The symphony in D Major is one of the most important symphonies that he wrote..

Here is a video of Symphony in D Major:

Other important work of Johann Ch Bach is Adriano in Siria.
Here is a video of his important work:

Here is another work called Symphonies Concertantes:

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And here is the presentation of Johann Ch Bach:

Here are the 10 questions:

1.- When was Johann Ch. Bach born?

2.- Where was Johann Ch. Bach born?

3.- Who was the father of Johann Ch. Bach?
-Aurelus Sebastian Bach
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-Charles Sebastian Bach
-Carl Sebastian Bach

4.- Who was the mother of Johan Ch. Bach?
-Marie Sebastian Bach
-Clare Marie Bach
-Domenica Sebastian Bach
-Anne Magdalena Bach

5.- When Johann borned, how old was his father?

6.- How many brothers he had?

7.- With how many years he started to compose music?

8.- With who he was married?
-Marie Friedrich
-Elisabeth Hydn
-Cecilia Grassi
-Charlotte Halstead

9.- How many childrens they had?

10.- When did he died?