Franz Joseph Haydn by: Angel Arraras, Bruno Gonzalez and Victor Lopez


Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer. He had born the 31th March of 1732 in Rohrau, a village near the border of Hungary, and he dead the 31th May 1809 in Vienna. Haydn’s brother called Michael Haydn and was also a composer. He was a very good friend of Mozart and a teacher for Beethoven. Haydn’s father was Mathias Haydn, a wheelwright (person who repairs wheels). His mother, Maria, was a cooker in the palace of Count Harrach.

Haydn's job title was kapellmeister, that is music diredtor. A lot of persons thought that he was the father of the symphony and other thought that is a father of the string quartet. He was an expert of sonatas and string quartets but also wrote some concertos, masses, etc… All the works of Haydn was listed in a catalogue, called Hoboken Catalogue and was prepared by Anthony van Hoboken, and from this, the name of the catalogue.

He had a great sense of humor and in some concerts he makes jokes. He had an illness called smallpox and his face was deformed but in spite of that he had the love of some pretty women.

Where was Haydn´s born?
a) Rinom
b) Rohran
c) Rohrau
d) Rahim
When Haydn born?
a) 1730
b) 1732
c) 1734
d) 1736
When did he died?
a) 1800
b) 1803
c) 1806
d) 1809
When did his music carrer started?

a) at 6 years
b) at 10 years
c) at 15 years
d) at 17 years

What was his fathers name
a) Mark
b) Mickael
c) Mathias
d) Mickeal
What was his brothers name?
a) Johann Peter
b) Johann Mickael
c) Johann Mickeal
d) Any one
What was his mothers name?
a) Matha
b) Anna
c) Maria
d) Johanna
With what compositions he was an expert?
a) Sonetos and String Quartets
b) Opus and Sonetos
c) Opus and String Quartets
d) Opus, Sonetos and String Quartets
What was the work of his brother?
a) Compositor
b) Carpinter
c) baker
d) servant
What was the work of his father?
a) Carpinter
b) Baker
c) Any one
d) The two