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Carl Philipp Bach
Pedro Feligreras, Iñigo Itoiz and Pablo Carbajo

The complet name of Carl Philipp Bach is Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. He was born the 8 of March on 1714 in Germany. He was the second of the five sons of Johann Sebastian Bach and Maria Barbara Bach.

He married Johanna Maria Dannemann in 1744. Only three of their children lived to adulthood : Johann Adam (1745–89), Anna Carolina Philippina (1747–1804) and Johann Sebastian (1748–78), because he had two more childrens but they died when they born.
This were one of his pieces:
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Here you can see a list of his Pieces.
Here we have an important song in a video:

Here we have a curiosite, the same song but played wiht a electric guitar.

During his residence in Berlin, he wrote a fine setting of the Magnificat (1749), in which he shows more traces than usual of his father's influence; an Easter cantata(1756); several synphonies and concerted works; at least three volumes of songs; and a few secular cantatas and other occasional pieces.

Other important video:

He died in Hamburg the 14 of December of 1788.
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Here we have the presentation:

1 - When was he born?
a) 1656
b) 1765
c) 1719
d) 1714

2 - Were was he born?
a) Weimar
b) Berlin
c) Frankfurt
d) Hamburg

3 - When he died?
a) 1770
b) 1760
c) 1780
d) 1784

4 - Were he died?
a) Weimar
b) Berlin
c) Frankfurt
d) Hamburg

5 - Who was the father of CPE Bach?
a) Johan Sebastian Bach
b) Carl Bach
c) Emmanuel Bach
d) Johan Emmanuel Bach

6 - When he wrote a fine setting of the Magnificat?
a) 1750
b) 1751
c) 1749
d) 1765

7 - How many times did CPE Bach get married?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 6
8 - Which is the meaning of CPE Bach?
a) Carl Philip Ernest Bach
b) Carl Philip Enarel Bach
c) Carl Philip Enammuet Bach
d) Carl Philip Emanuel Bach

9 - How many children lived to adulthood?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 1
d) 3

10 - Which was the name of the mother of CPE?
a) Maria Barbara
b) Anna Carolina
c) Johanna Maria
d) Maria Danneman